Useful Resources

DISCLAIMER:  If you believe you or another individual is suffering a mental health crisis or other medical emergency, contact your doctor immediately, seek medical attention immediately, or call 999.


  'MATES Mental health Awareness Through Educational Speaking Community Interest Company was created to be a safe community where people can speak openly about mental health'


'How To Increase Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace'



Abbeycare operate a rehabilitation clinic in Scotland & Gloucester, specialising in the substance abuse of drugs and alcohol.


Drugwatch is a free health site to give support and useful tips such as mental health. There guide on mental illness cover anxiety, depression, treatments and more.

The website below is an excellent supportive tool where other people have shared their stories and you can get also get involved with different activities

The books The Secret, The Power and The Magic by Rhona Bryne have truly helped me by changing the way I look and think about things on a day to day basis.

This is the main charity for Mental Health and has some useful information and support

Run by the church, this website is not specifically for Mental Health but is incredibly useful for all areas of your life. i.e Parenting courses.

The voice for young people's Mental Health and wellbeing
This is a charity that has been set up to raise awareness for Mental Health by the Royal Family.
This book is amazing and we have both benefited from his self help book. Louise Hayes encourages you to create joy and happiness in your life.
Feel the fear and do it anyway is a great inspirational book by Susan Jeffers , she has also written several more which could be of interest.

This link has several different services that can all help with Mental Health issues.

This link is to raise awareness on how sleeping and your mental health is related and what can help.

The Impact of Sleep on Mood and Mental Well-Being

This is a blog on how addiction can affect sleeping patterns and how to overcome them

How Addiction Affects Sleep

This is a blog that raises awareness for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Autism and Sleep Disorders