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This is helpful support and alternative therapy to help you on the road to recovery..

 Alpha Vesta 

Alpha Vesta are a Community Interest Company (CIC) providing independent consultancy, training and support services in domestic abuse and related stalking and harassment.

They also offer many free webinars on a range of subjects.


Anxiety Management: Jenny Roblin

Jenny is passionate about teaching the skills and strategies needed to overcome anxiety. Jenny offers private and group coaching as well as training courses. 



Bereavement Counselling: Jane Allen

Jane offers all types of counselling however specialises in Bereavement.


Big Love Movement

Big Love Movement

Becki Marie educates, inspires and empowers through her knowledge of wellness and personal experience of mental health. She aims to create a community that focusses on these aspects, and looks at mental health in a new way. She gives talks and attends events both online and in person, and also gives in-person wellness sessions based on breathing, yoga and mindfulness. 


Changing Pathways

Supporting women experiencing domestic abuse.

Partnered with Next Chapter in Colchester and Safe Steps/SOS DAP in Southend so that they cover the whole of Essex together

Direct referrals can be made via 01268 729707.

Website: -

Genny Sapiro

I am a spiritual advisor with over 20 years experience working in the spiritual field, offering holistic life coaching bespoke for your souls journey.

Meditation helps to calm the mind and allow you to connect to your inner wisdom allowing you to find the answers within.

Spiritual counselling is an ancient way of assisting you to know yourself, better yourself and conquer life’s dreams. I have studied Vedic courses (ancient Indian modalities) which has given me the tools to pass on to you to assist with healing the mind body and soul.

Genny Sapiro
Phone: 07802722440

Hypnotherapy - All kinds of helpful therapy

Kerry Potts 



LV Holistic Therapy

LV Holistic therapy

Promoting confidence and well-being through regressive and hypnotherapy.


Randal Porter, Lifestyle Coach

Randal Porter

Do You Or Someone You Care About Suffer From Migraines?

Randal Porter is a certified Lifestyle Coach and qualified Migraine Therapist. Randal offers a unique approach for treating migraines where the emphasis is on changing lifestyle and building resilience through health coaching, developing positive habits, mentoring and the practice of powerful relaxation techniques. Also known as the Migraine Detective, Randal, a former real life detective for the Met Police will engage his professionally trained investigators mind towards helping you root out your triggers and finding your solutions. A former chronic migraine sufferer himself, Randal really does care. He has suffered migraines most of his life and since finding his own solutions considers helping others to find theirs as “payback!” Here is what clients are saying. 

“Randal is consistent and reliable . His methods always released the best in me. I now have the tools (Randal’s phrase) to help myself. I am now meditating on a daily basis, drinking more water, practicing box breathing and keeping a daily journal. I have a neck pillow and neck hammock to use and continue to use these methods due to Randal and his coaching. I have already recommended Randal to fellow migraine sufferers.”

Karen Roberts


“Since I started working with Randal, my outlook is positive, it was very negative before.  Since drinking more water and regulating my caffeine intake along with meditating, I have had zero migraine episodes and developed a positive outlook. I would recommend Randal to anyone who was in a similar position as me as I found Randal very helpful.” 

Anthony Piercy


To contact email or visit website


Randal Porter


Relationship & Trauma Specialist: Wendy Capewell

Relationship & Trauma Specialist: Wendy Capewell


Relax & Connect Mindful Meditation Services Information - Heads2Minds

Relax & Connect offer mindful meditation using Vitali-Chi Relax. How you spend your down-time can be quite personal, so we like to give people the flexibility to choose how they meditate – online or in a live environment. You do not need to have meditation experience to feel the benefits of this wonderful type of meditation, and we welcome all levels.

There are many benefits to introducing meditation into your life including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep and feelings of wellbeing. Regular meditation is key to keeping a wellness continuum.

Vitali-Chi Relax is a unique and wonderful relaxation concept. It offers a set of meditations which all take you on a different healing journey. Whether you choose to join us online or live, you will receive the same meditations and vibrational music. Vitali-Chi Relax in a live environment gives you the further benefits of the Vitali-Chi Relax copper wellness system. The copper helps you to achieve deep relaxation more quickly, as well as helping to clear your energy of electromagnetic fields and negative energy. It produces a deep state of peace and wellbeing.

Relax & Connect Online is ideal for those who prefer to meditate from home. We run over 10+ sessions a month. Clients can either sign up for membership to get the most benefits, or ‘drop-in’ to any session.  Clients join via a Zoom link and just need a comfortable space at home to take part. Each session is an hour with a free pre-session unwind also available. As privacy is important, video mode is not a requirement. Membership is £30 per month, with your first month £27. Free taster sessions are available once a month at our FREE FRIDAY events, booked through Eventbrite. Please get in touch for further member benefits and session times.

Relax & Connect Live is held weekly at The Manor Health & Wellness Centre in Colchester. During these sessions clients enhance their relaxation using the Vitali-Chi Relax copper wellness system. Space is limited due to Covid regulations, so booking is essential. £10 per session, and £5 for your first. Block session bookings are available at £49.50 for 6.

Relax & Connect also offer private live sessions for a truly personal service. A quiet space is essential so can be in your home, garden (weather permitting), or other venue. This is a special private service for a maximum of 10 people, depending on how much space is available. Price is upon application as is dependent on location and numbers.

For further information, or to enquire about any of the above services, please get in touch with Kathryn via any of the methods below:

T: 07721 437372



I: relax_your_mind_uk 

Synergy Health Centre

Complimentary Therapies, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Synergy Health Centre

Services offered: sports and deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, nutrition and lifestyle advice, and electro-acupuncture. We also offer a combination of the above services, in one session for your specific needs. No extra fee. 

Treatments for any form of ailment including: 

  • any form of pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • stress
  • infertility
  • addictions
  • whiplash
  • sinus problems
  • facial muscle tone
  • fatigue 
  • insomnia
  • arthritis 
  • much much more...

Qualifications: BSc Acupuncture Dip. Chinese Medicine. 

Address: Hillcrest House, The Street, Hatfield Peverel, CM3 2DL. 

Phone: 01245 382967.

Mobile: 07956 971441. 



Women’s Health Empowerment Coach: Julie Grint

Also known as The Love Your Life Coach, Julie helps women 40+ gain the emotional freedom to fully express and love themselves.

Her passion is in empowering women to take ownership of their health and beauty in ways that feel good to them, so they can look in the mirror and love what they see every day.

Recognising the pain of the physical and emotional weight so many women carry, Julie began her mission to end the epidemic of women plagued with self-doubt, by helping them to let go and trust their intuition, creating the freedom to be their authentic selves, living their most healthy life in a body they love.


If you would like to learn more about Julie and how she can help you please visit or