Support and Help

This is helpful support and alternative therapy to help you on the road to recovery..



Alpha Vesta are a Community Interest Company (CIC) providing independent consultancy, training and support services in domestic abuse and related stalking and harassment.


Anxiety Management: Jenny Roblin

Jenny is passionate about teaching the skills and strategies needed to overcome anxiety. Jenny offers private and group coaching as well as training courses.


Bereavement Counselling: Jane Allen

Jane offers all types of counselling however specialises in Bereavement.

Women’s Health Empowerment Coach: Julie Grint


Also known as The Love Your Life Coach, Julie helps women 40+ gain the emotional freedom to fully express and love themselves.

Her passion is in empowering women to take ownership of their health and beauty in ways that feel good to them, so they can look in the mirror and love what they see every day.

Recognising the pain of the physical and emotional weight so many women carry, Julie began her mission to end the epidemic of women plagued with self-doubt, by helping them to let go and trust their intuition, creating the freedom to be their authentic selves, living their most healthy life in a body they love.


If you would like to learn more about Julie and how she can help you please visit or


Relationship & Trauma Specialist: Wendy Capewell

Relationship & Trauma Specialist: Wendy Capewell