Carer's Support and Information

A carer is anybody from the age of five years old that provides care and support to another person who could not otherwise manage without it; this could be as a parent or Grandparent, a child, a neighbour, a sibling or a friend. The care and support provided could be due to:
  • Illness,
  • A disability,
  • Mental ill-health,
  • Substance misuse, or
  • Frailty.

It is sometimes difficult to identify with the term ‘carer’ because you may see your caring role as a natural part of your relationship with the person. You could be very involved with maintaining your loved one’s day-to-day life, or you could be providing them with occasional telephone support during times of crisis. There are no judgements made on your availability to provide care or your willingness to do so, and this does not affect your rights to access support as a carer.

Organisations that can provide invaluable support and help for carer’s include:

  1. Essex Carers Support
  2. Essex Partnership NHS University Trust (EPUT)
  3. Trust Links 

    More details are given below, with links to the relevant websites.


    1. Essex Carers Support 

      Essex Carers Support
      provide a wide variety of flexible support services directly to family carers. 

      As a community based organisation we work closely with a wide variety of health and social care services to promote and advocate for carers to make sure that their experiences are taken into account and used to improve services when they are being designed and delivered.

      Community Outreach

      We are working at a very local community level developing innovative and creative ways to connect with family carers. We focus on connecting with community groups to identify and reach out to people who may not identify themselves as a carer and/or be connected to support services.  If you are a community group who suspect you may have members who are caring for others, we might be able to help you to help your membership.

      Time 4 You

      We are keen to work with carers to achieve truly personalised break opportunities.  Our Time 4 You project is available for Carers who live in Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree, Maldon and Tendring.  Carers are asked to identify ways that they can carve out some time for themselves in their caring role - either individually or, alongside the person that they care for and a small grant is available to support these to become a reality.

      Find out more about Time 4 You.

      Carer Respite Break Scheme (In partnership with Colchester Catalyst Charity)

      Find out more about the Carer Respite Break Scheme.

      Self Care for Carers

      Carer Breaks are an essential part of maintaining health and wellbeing. At Essex Carers Support we believe breaks from the caring role don’t always have to mean a break away from the person that you care for, something that is particularly difficult at the moment.  We've compiled a number of resources that Carers can tap into that provide information about the support that is available and to help to connect to the world outside of their caring role.

      Find out more about our Self Care for Carers Resources.

      2Can (In partnership with Summit)

      2Can is a partnership project delivered by SUMMIT and Essex Carers Support in Tendring, Essex. Together we help support the health and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable people and their carers who may be at risk of harm and self-neglect and enable people to identity the solutions, support and services that will assist their recovery and support their long-term wellbeing.​

      Find out more about 2Can.

      Alternatively, you can call 2Can on 01255 474410, or email them at:

      2. Essex Partnership NHS University Trust (EPUT)

       Here at EPUT we provide a dedicated Carer Support Service, which will offer you an opportunity to talk about your caring role and responsibilities. This is called a Carers Assessment. We can help to point you in the direction of the many local carers groups, helplines and mental health organisations that can provide you with further information and support in your caring role and your day-to-day life.

      For more information regarding the Carers Assessment, please see the this leaflet: NHS Information for Carers, Friends and Families.pdf

      If you are interested in having a Carers Assessment, please contact the team or the member of staff that is working with your loved one to request a referral.

      3. Trust Links

      Trust Links is your local mental health and wellbeing charity. We work across South-East Essex to support people experiencing mental health difficulties, unpaid carers and other community members. Our projects support over 1,500 people a year in Southend, Rochford and Castle Point.

      We’re committed to building stronger communities, and supporting the environment through sustainable living.

      We offer the following services:

      And so much more.

      Trust Links Values

      Trust Links follows five core values: 

      • Inclusivity – Our sites are open to all people, and our members, volunteers and staff all play an active role in delivering our projects.
      • Sustainability – We’re committed to tackling climate change. At Trust Links, this means providing a safe haven for wildlife, protecting the environment and encouraging greener lifestyle choices through gardening.
      • Wellbeing – Trust Links is a safe space for everyone, no matter what you’re going through. Our projects help people live better lives by teaching how to manage your own wellbeing.
      • Connectivity – Our sites connect people from across South East Essex. Building a community of support is one of the most valuable routes to wellbeing.
      • Empowering – We empower people to take control of their mental health and their wellbeing journey. Members learn practical skills that help with employability and independence.

      Whatever you’re going through, they are here to support you.

      For more information, you can download the following booklet: Carers Support and Activity Groups 2020.pdf

      Alternatively you can call Trust Links on 01702 213134, or email them at: