Nature through my window

The poem below has been written for us very kindly for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. 

Nature through my window

As I looked out of my self-isolation window during this pandemic year,
The seasons have changed alongside my hope and fear,
One thing has stayed constant, that’s nature itself.

Winter freezes and coldness the sight of my breath,
Outside with the nature, a little robin red breast.

I look again and Spring is awakening, the trees start to stretch,
The sun shines more brightly, my mood is too,
Hope is returning, to me and to you.

Summer is here, warm weather and all,
The pandemic is still here, but nature is too,
The scent of the flowers in the hot scorching sun,
The smell is so fragrant, Summer days will soon be done.

September time now the window shows all,
In the UK it’s Autumn, elsewhere it’s called Fall,
The fear inside me has not gone away,
But the nature outside, allows no crisis to stay. 

A year to my window, a year full of some worry,
But outside keeps going, an ecosystem in a hurry,
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. 

I stand at my window, the seasons I’ve seen,
I have lived through them all.

By Mark Dale

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