Mexican Wave


My condition is known to many, I suppose whenever anyone says about Mental Health or illness two things come into people’s minds one is depression and the other is the buzz word of bipolar.


I was at first never given a diagnosis my psychiatrist at the time “Didn’t believe on them” however for me it was hard because I was going through a life-changing experience also added to this I was admitted into a Mental Health unit and this Doctor with my life in her hands was not giving me any word on what was actually wrong with me.


Finally, after Around 11 months in hospital I was told I had manic depressive tendencies and that it is given to believe that Bipolar was the best way to describe my condition, however following from that I thought no I’m naming it myself and I’ll call it my Mexican Wave, the style of lows and highs all put together with the times thankfully I’m stable too.


So here I am Mexican waving for the last 20 years I do have more low periods than full-on in your face manic episodes now which is a shame as my superman costume hasn’t been worn for ages as I really do feel invincible when on a mania high, however, my stable mind, of course, informs me that this is really a better thing as a manic Mark is a person who should not appear too often, the lows are a pain, anniversaries or as the doctors say life event times are worse however I need to always experience those as they are a reminder that I’m alive and kicking and though painful they pass as quickly as they come and grip my shoulders like a heavy tight grip.


I’m of course medicated but my main medicine is what I do now in the community, I firstly speak about my experience to new staff at both the NHS trust I was treated but also to nursing students to the two universities in Essex the therapeutic release helps me a lot and I also would hope it helps them to become more compassionate and caring in their chosen profession.


I also became a time to change champion and with this, it’s opened up a new life for me as mental health campaigner speaking to the press and writers and in 2020 both Enable Magazine and metro newspaper used my story to I hope to help others.

My journey has been rocky however whose journey hasn’t because that’s what makes us all unique in our own way, and I would also say if I could live my life all over again I really wouldn’t change anything!

Mark Dale

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