Meditation And Mindfulness On Mental Health Issues

This was written by Peter Francis.
I am sure you must have heard or read somewhere how good Meditation and also Mindfulness is for helping with all sorts of Mental Health issues? 
If you haven't, just a couple of minutes spent on Google will soon help you out. But my own mission and journey is not only to teach Meditation to others but I am also here, through my company, to try to change the whole outdated perception of Meditation Teaching!

No mean feat. As the long-held belief, almost without exception, is that Meditation is best taught by a Guru, Yoga teacher or a Buddhist monk in a small and often offbeat religious centre often in the middle of nowhere.It is also considered by most people to be difficult to do.
Two questions I have been asked repeatedly:
Why is it not taught in a gym by a fully qualified, insured and Fitness industry endorsed Personal Trainer (PT) or Yoga and Pilates Teachers?
Why is Meditation not as easy to learn as other forms of physical exercise taught to you by a good PT?
The answer to both questions is, IT IS!
The truth is, no matter what you have been led to believe to the contrary, is that Meditation and Mindfulness is nothing more than a series of physical exercises that can be learnt by anyone.
“No way,” I hear you say. “No way can I learn to Meditate, my mind is way too active. Meditation is mystical and you have to be at one with yourself and the Universe, eat lentils and wear orange robes and sandals.”Nope, nothing of the sort". Let me repeat, Meditation is nothing more than a series of physical exercises that can be learnt by anyone and I really mean that, absolutely anybody, including even You reading this blog right now. If it is taught properly, we are basically looking at a repetitious bicep curl for the mind.
There are three tiny provisos:
Our client must really want to learn to Meditate. It is no good if it's their mum, wife, husband, partner or parents etc wanting them to learn to Meditate if the client doesn’t want to learn it themselves. But then that principle goes for participating in any other form of exercise too.
The client must regularly practise what we teach them. Preferably daily, for a few minutes at least. Again that principle goes for participating in any other form of exercise too.
Finally PTs and instructors must be competent and fully qualified to teach Meditation. Likewise again that same principle goes for learning any other form of exercise too.
Looking to the future. So how do we get Meditation to be taught in gyms, homes, offices, village halls and parks by fully qualified fitness professionals, as well as those self-styled mystics and religious Gurus referred to earlier who have, until now, monopolised the whole concept?
Well, we have already!
In 2016 I formed a company that does exactly that. We only ever teach fully qualified and insured Level 3 Exercise Professionals including Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga teachers to Meditate themselves first, using my unique method and they then in turn teach their clients using exactly the same method too. I teach all the Meditation Personal Trainers personally myself.  
A little bit about my Mental Health journey:

I was a former Anti Terrorism Special Branch Officer based at New Scotland Yard. The immense stress involved in the job led to me being diagnosed in 2001 with Complex PTSD. I had two options that would give me a way out of my predicament: lifelong medication or the self-help option of lifelong Meditation. I obviously always had the third option, we all do, let's call it 'the Liz trying to stop the train' option, but luckily deep down I never really wanted to take that one myself, as I had 2 young sons that I loved very much at the time. 

Ever since then, I have travelled the World, learning as many different forms of Meditation and relaxation techniques as possible that I have then fused with my own Personal Training skills to create, modestly speaking, probably the best, non-religious Meditation system there is. I then jumped through more hoops, and over more hurdles, than Lassie ever did in the movies to convince, in my humble opinion, the best Personal Trainers Fitness course endorsement bodies in the UK, probably the World, REP's and later CIMSPA, that my Meditation Personal Trainer (MPT) Course was viable. My teaching methods stood up to their intense scrutiny and followed their strict teaching criteria and guidelines that all their endorsed CPD courses are renowned for, and thereby earned REPs and later CIMSPA’s own coveted stamp of recognition and their CPD Points in the process too.
We now run a database of all our qualified MPT's across the UK and after reading this blog should you be interested in learning to Meditate yourself, using our unique and awesome non religious method of teaching, your local Essex Instructor is Miranda Rayner based in Walton-on-the-Naze. But being a mobile MPT she also covers much of Essex including Clacton-on-Sea, Colchester, Harwich and Manningtree. She is also a fully qualified Yoga Teacher too.
For more Local information or just to have a chat please contact her on:
Miranda Rayner
Phone: 07799 691852

Or Nationally you can also contact us via our website:

If you enjoyed reading this blog or indeed any of the other ones on this site, I am sure Liz would really appreciate a donation to this great charity, so that she can continue her great and really important work. Just follow the link here:  

Thanks for reading,
Peter Francis, CEO and Founder of Meditation Personal Trainers

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