Henry Onwordi


The mind a transport for thought  

Thoughts move along the highway of the mind affecting congestion 

Look to the sky how many thoughts fly by 

Will the heavens be clear or forever filled with opposing ideas 

At one time there is happiness and peace 

Then suddenly chaos  

Train of thoughts once smooth now scattered on contradicting rails 

The news cycle is endless with announcements of trouble here and there  

How can one sail shaking seas filled with sinking  sorrows  

Mayday Mayday,  the mental membranes mixed with Mania  

Where is the stabiliser, is it a melody, a statement , a pill  

What can heal the mind this vessel for thought  



I'm Drowning in words filled with remorse  

Who can hear and translate these horrors into stories of hope  

Time pays homage to the development of emptiness and regression  

Are words meaningful enough when spoken in pain  

An ocean of perplexities surrounds my weak ship and the waves threaten to drown out my speech 

Its too much, this practice of letter writing brings temporary release yet is forgotten like the dew of the morning    

The dawn of the sun brings the dawn of fresh cares and shaking hopes  

Can I survive yet another day on this island of solitude 

Where the words of my peers feel light lanterns drifting of into the night sky. 

I need a life jacket to keep me afloat in the water or at least an anchor for my wondering boat.  

O Joy how can you be a beautiful horizon which can never be touched 

In need of CPR so please find your sister hope and breath life into each of my lungs once more 

Let me stare the madness in the face yet again and for a brief moment believe.  



You take a piece of me each day 

Reminding me of your presence  

You write your name on each piece  

claiming me as your possession 

Your touch leaves me with impressions of being used    

And never forgotten  

I'm always taken in by your icy grasp 

Gee Thanks…. Depression 




Henry Onwordi 

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