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For the second year running Nicholas Simon Tailoring ran an ‘advent calendar of style’, showcasing how my connections on LinkedIn “dress up” and what they wear to make themselves feel great.

I am a huge believer that putting on your favourite clothes (smart or casual) has a magnificent effect on your mental wellbeing. I know I feel so much better when I wear my suits and tailored garments. I have higher confidence levels, feel ready to get to work and a sense of pride in what I am wearing and representing. Even if we can’t go out to enjoy dressing up, the advent calendar gave us a chance to dress up regardless.

The original idea came from lockdown in 2020 and the uncertainty (that is now quite common) if December parties would go ahead, much like this year. So, I gave people the chance to “dress up” and share with us why they wear what they wear and how it makes them feel.

Dashing Through the Snow was born.

This year the posts shared varied in styles from evening glam (modelled by Liz in her stunning gown at an awards ceremony) all the way to red velvet jackets and even jumpers and jeans. The range of outfits and the reasons people wear them was fascinating to read about. We had connections from as far as Australia joining in.

The posts (not including mine) from the connections amassed over 1,050 reactions, 450 comments and 24 shares. With an estimated views of over 24,000 people!

Check out #dashingthroughthesnow on LinkedIn to check out this year’s posts. It will be back again in December 2022.


At Nicholas Simon, I am a keen to open up the conversation in men about our mental health. I hear a great deal that men need to “speak up” and “it’s ok to talk” about any issues we face. But who’s listening?

That’s where I come in. I ask all my customers how they are feeling and give them a safe space to share anything they feel comfortable doing. I also lead a walking group for the charity “Men Walk Talk” in the Rugby area. Providing a space to walk and discuss how we feel in a group of supportive and friendly guys.

I am a Savile Row trained tailor who can make you an incredible suit. But it is equally important to me that you feel amazing on the inside too, whilst looking suave and sophisticated on the outside.


Stay sharp,



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