A poem by James Leighton


I knew that I was in trouble from the moment that we met

I even started writing again when I hadn’t slept

I’d always wanted the ‘Thunderbolt’ to hit me from the sky

But now I sit in turmoil and I just want to know why


It’s 3:30 in the morning and you’re the first thing on my mind

I cannot stop myself thinking about you and how you’re being so unkind

I thought you were a nice person and that you valued what we had

But you’re now showing your true colours and your treatment of me is bad


I find it so hard to believe how you’re behaving because everything was going so well

How can you go from such a heavenly place and fall straight into hello

I had fallen for your smile and your insecurities

I believed in the bigger dream of a happy life for you and me

But I guess the old saying that love is blind is totally and utterly true

Because from the very minute we met, I had fallen in love with you


Head over heels and tumbling down at an uncontrollable speed

I tried to put the brakes on but my heart was way ahead of me

To follow that up with the night that we did share

Probably the best ‘first kiss’ that I have ever had, to be fair


Such a romantic moment and I know it wasn’t just me

I only had to look into your eyes and the truth was there to see

You liked me and you wanted me and followed my every lead

You were not just something I wanted but you are everything I need


You’re young and incredibly beautiful but cautious and slightly broken

We were building a friendship upon every word that we had spoken

Sharing honest thoughts about our current situations

Previous failed relationships and darkest manipulations

All the worries and fears from within that take us to dark places

Suffering all the pain that’s caused as tears run down our faces


But as I sit awake again in the middle of the night

I cannot stop myself from thinking of the prospect of what might

The dream that laid before us was a true possibility

But you’ve now thrown all that away because you will not speak to me


You said that night that your had felt like a ‘Princess in the Tower’

Released from your captivity and given all the power

But that just made me more determined to be the Prince of Charm

The Knight in Shining Armour that would protect you from any harm


So I guess that I just have to now accept that this is all but over

A fleeting moment of time that we could have been true lovers

Your beauty is so tempting and leads so many on

But I hope that you learn your lessons from the things that you’ve done wrong


You should treat all people you meet like you would like to be treated back

Give them the respect they deserve, don’t focus on what they may lack

Open up your heart but protect yourself at all times

Forgive those that you like the best of any past passion crimes


Everyone has their stories and I was hoping to listen to yours

Love you for your beauty and especially your flaws

Help you build a life of trust and love me for all of time

I dreamt of a better future when I was yours and you were mine


But I must now close the door as opportunity has passed

Learn the lesson and protect my heart and try not to fall so fast

Only dive right in when I know that you want the same

It could have been a wonderful life

It’s such a goddamn shame



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