Walk and Talk in Essex

Around the United Kingdom there are a number of walk and talk groups available. The charity Heads2minds would like to highlight two groups in Essex which may be useful to know about. It has long been known that walking is good for health and being in nature can increase endorphins and vitamin D which are positive for your general health and wellbeing.

MATES provides a walk and talk group on a weekly basis at Hylands Park on Sundays at 0900 (meet in the carpark). This group is available for everyone including furry friends. On a monthly basis this group also meets at Highwoods in Colchester. MATES was founded by Dave Chase and is providing great support for group members. To find out more information you can access MATES on https://www.facebook.com/groups/913516928830156/ or https://www.essexmap.co.uk/listings/mates/.

Walk and talk 4 men was set up by James and is open to males in the local area of Witham. Just like it says on the tin we are a group that brings blokes together, goes for walks and talk in a casual, open and inviting manner. They meet regularly and go for walk and talk. If you would like more information you can access Walk and talk 4 men on https://www.walkandtalk4men.com.

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