Stress Awareness Month: Managing Stress at Home

If you are experiencing symptoms of stress, It is important to take action before the affects spiral. Excessive or prolonged periods of stress can lead to both physical and mental illnesses. We must learn to recognise these signs and our triggers, and ensure we are incorporating positive habits into our routines to prevent an emotional burnout.

In aid of Stress Awareness Month, we have listed some tips below to help you manage stress at home and improve wellbeing:


Be with nature 

Taking a walk outside gives you a change of scenery and also gives the added benefit of exercise. Appreciating the beauty of nature and the World around us can help shift our mindset and put things in to perspective. Research has proven that spending just 20 minutes in nature can help to reduce stress hormone levels.  



Connect with close friends and loved ones and ensure the people in your ‘circle’ are sources of solace, not stress. It is important to have good relationships to give us a sense of belonging and share positive experiences. Talking through our problems in a safe space can offer a different perspective and help us find solutions to the challenges we face.  



Find a calm space for you to free your mind and release tension from the body. Meditation, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and massage are excellent ways to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. If you need a bit of extra help creating a serene atmosphere, why not try an uplifting scent? Research has shown that using lavender in aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and improve our mood.  


Make time for fun 

It’s important to set some time aside in your schedule for the things you enjoy. Perhaps there’s a hobby you’ve lost touch with or an activity you want to try. Having fun and being creative releases endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in the body and a general sense of wellbeing. Allow yourself this time and set aside two nights a week dedicated to hobbies, exercise or socialising. You can find out more about increasing your natural endorphins here. 


Take action  

Taking action to address an issue rather than avoidance can help you to feel more in control of a situation. Gather your thoughts by journaling and writing a to-do list or a spider diagram. This way, you are displacing the thoughts from your mind and on to paper. Since you can only write one thing at a time, the act of writing naturally forces you to slow down and process your thoughts. This way, it’s easier to break down the problem and find a potential solution. 

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