Some Important Mental Health Updates…

We are excited to inform you that the NHS is set to take another major step towards improving patient access to mental health services with the introduction of five new waiting time guarantees, under plans set out by NHS England and Improvement. An access to view more information can be found here:

There are also a new series of videos looking at how we can support our mental health and wellbeing. In the first video, Katie Watts, a mental health professional from Essex, talks about when to seek mental health support to view please select the link here :

Public Health England have launched the latest Better Health campaign, to encourage adults across the nation to lose excess weight, eat healthier and get active this summer.

The new campaign offers free, evidenced-based support and guidance to those working towards a healthier weight. There are a variety of NHS endorsed apps designed to help people introduce changes that will help them eat better and get active this summer, including the newly updated NHS Weight Loss Plan app. To find out more please visit Better Health - NHS (


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