Kate works as a mentor for Made for More Christian Charity currently in Baddow high school, she works with youths ranging from year 7 to year 13 in which she has one-to-one sessions with each youth to support them in anyway she can, Kate and her team try to support, encourage, inspire, build up, listen, advise, comfort, champion and help guide young people through a range of circumstances. Kate also co-lead in Boswells for Made for More in a lunchtime club with a group of pupils. Mentoring for her is amazing, it sometimes isn't easy but she feels empowered to support the youth of today, Kate believes that they are an incredible generation and to be apart of that journey is rewarding. To our fantastic teens, know that you are missed and thought about every day! Stay connected to look after your well- being and I look forward to seeing all your lovely faces soon! From Kate :)

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