How Do We Practise Mindfulness?

Here are Liz’s top tips:

    • Meditate - give yourself a few minutes each day to sit and be with your body, relax your breathing and calm your mind
    • Self-Talk - words have power! Speak to yourself like you were you were speaking to your best friend
    • Awaken The Senses - when you are cooking, walking in nature, in the shower, in every activity you do, create a sensory experience by utilising your sense of taste, touch, sound, smell and sight
    • Switch Off Autopilot - break the programming and be more present by switching hands when brushing your teeth, regularly moving the apps around on your phone. Choose to do something in a different way
    • Digital Detox - make a date with yourself to regularly remove yourself from technology
    • Uplift your energy - listen to high vibe music, move your body in fun ways, listen to positive affirmations or subliminals
    • De-clutter - clear your physical environment. It's incredible how much space this creates in your mind! Start with one drawer and notice the difference in how you feel
    • Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise - I love this tip from Liz: Cleanse - clear your energy field (cut cords, smudge, shower). Tone - love yourself (give you body some TLC, a hug, ground yourself, be present, make your favourite cup of tea). Moisturise - protect your energy field, place yourself in a white light or imagine a bubble of protection encasing you, or use a crystal or something in your physical environment to connect your mind and body so you feel present, calm, and grounded).
    • Daily gratitude - every day state at least 10 things you appreciate in your life. Keep it simple!
    • Good Sleep - prepare your room for optimum sleep, have a wind down hour, read a book, remove technology, include soft colours and furnishings
    • Duvet Days - it's OK if you feel off. Listen to your body and if you need to rest, rest!

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