Heads2Minds Kindness Advent Calendar 2021!

Can you believe it’s almost December! Who looks forward to their advent calendar every morning? Well, instead of enjoying a piece of chocolate everyday until Santa comes, we are challenging you to do one thing each day that will positively impact your own or someone else’s mental health.

To play along do as many of the tasks as you can. For each task you take on, post about it on social media and be sure to tag us (@heads2minds). We will give a prize to three people who complete the most tasks. Prizes include a mini food hamper, trio of well-being books and a beauty gift set. Happy Christmas Kindness everyone!

Here are the 24 tasks! Pick to do as little or as many as you’d like:

1. Do something that makes you smile 

2. Phone an old friend

3. Write down something you’re grateful for

4. Do something for nothing 

5. Take time for yourself

6. Take time to laugh

7. Eat a sweet treat of your choice

8. Check in with someone who has lost someone 

9. Soak in a warm bath

10. Wear your Christmas jumper 

11. Take time to practise a hobby you haven’t done in a while 

12. Phone someone you care about 

13. Tell someone you love them

14. Go off grid (turn off phones)

15. Send a Thankyou note to someone

16. Go for a walk in nature 

17. Take time to have a tidy space 

18. Write down something you’re grateful for 

19. Dance either on your own or with someone 

20. Check in with someone living alone 

21. Give someone a random gift

22. Do something you would consider as self-care (eg. Face mask, bath, washing face etc)

23. Phone someone you are about

24. Take time for yourself whether that’s reading a book or going on a walk etc

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