Happiness Challenge

So at the start of January I started a happiness challenge at work. People had to donate £5 to a sunshine charity which is all about positive change and also action the following:

1. Dry January- means no alcohol for the month!

2. Watch the film- Pay it forward with Kevin spacey

3. Write a gratitude journal on a daily basis

4. Follow me on a daily basis with gratitude exercises, they can be completed easily within your working day- its form the Magic by Rhonda Bryne 

5. Agree to do 3 random acts of kindness daily- this could be anything like buying a drink for someone, holding a door open for someone, helping with shopping or smiling at someone  you get the gist :)

6. Compliment someone on a daily basis

7. Offer to do something incognito- what it means by this is to do something kind for someone without them knowing.

8. Concentrate on your nutrition for example; eat healthy, perhaps introduce some plant based products

9. Set some goals for 2020

10. A complaint free day!

11. Weekly mindfulness and meditation exercise

12. Join an Instagram page for daily affirmations

13. Winner will receive at prize at the beginning of February for the most positive change and ideas!

15. Lets make january a 'happy january' and help to change our mindset to make the world a better place :)



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