Dealing with COVID-19 Stress: Tips for CEOs

This blog was created by Izzy Scott.

We at Heads2Minds recognise the impact this pandemic has brought CEOs.

Here are seven tips backed from neuroscience to combat stress and encourage progress in your business:

  1. Do not ignore what you are feeling. Ignoring how you feel means that those negative emotions stay in your subconscious, creating stress in the brain. These unprocessed emotions can build up and lead to feelings of anxiety/depression. Naming your feelings as you feel them and breaking the emotion down into two/three words activates the ‘wise area’ of the brain. Your brain can then make logical sense of why exactly you feel the way you do, and so feelings will not remain unprocessed in the body. In your business, encourage your team to name and label what is difficult before moving t o look for a solution.


  1. Direct your focus on what you can control. The pandemic has taught us that we cannot control everything, yet there is plenty to focus on that can be controlled. Ask yourself and your team what you can manage and zone in on that.


  1. Alter the way you are viewing the pandemic and its impact on your business by asking yourself these three questions:
  • What has this pandemic shown us in how we can improve our business?
  • Is there anything I need to accept about my challenge to allow me to move on and seek an alternative solution?
  • How can other methods enable me to see a different perspective on overcoming my challenges?


  1. Try not to multi-task. Setting out intentional times for different aspects of work is healthier for the brain and reduces stress and overwhelm.


  1. If your brain feels busy ruminating over thoughts, attempt to write them down. Writing releases stress and helps you to see what needs to be done clearly. 


  1. Be positive. Brains have a natural negativity bias, and everyone needs to apply more effort into staying more positive than negative. Recognise what is going well in your business and take time to appreciate your achievements.


  1. Build a caring and supportive work environment. Especially during the pandemic, feeling connected and supported is vital for your team’s productivity and wellbeing. Talk to your team and ascertain what support can be put in place to increase their overall work satisfaction. 


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