Captain Tom 100 Challenge: 100 ways to wellness

In 2020, Captain Tom decided to thank the NHS workers for the work they have done during these challenging times by doing 100 laps around his garden. He had no idea how far his achievement would resonate. He managed to raise £38.9 million for the NHS Covid-19 appeal. 

This year many people are getting involved, and planning their own challenges based around the number 100 to raise money for other worthy causes. Here at Heads2minds, we have decided to join in by baking wellbeing cupcakes! We baked 100 cupcakes, each with a completely different word relating to wellbeing written on it. We made sure that there was something for everyone...chocolate mint, chocolate orange, coconut...

Wellness Cupcakes

Here we are getting ready to bring them to some very lucky recipients...who could we go and lighten the day of I wonder? 

Cake distribution
Aha! Residents of Loganberry Lodge, here we come! Please help yourself to 100 different ways to increase your wellbeing!
On top of some very happy people munching on cupcakes, we were also very lucky to double our target amount of money to be raised. We started of humbly aiming for £100 to keep with the theme, and ended up with over £250 in total!
Thank you to everyone who was involved: to everyone who helped make and distribute the cupcakes, and of course all the kind people who made donations. Without each of you this would not have been such a great success! 
Until next time...

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