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I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2003 and suffer mostly from psychotic manic episodes. Kate has also experienced very upsetting times as a result of my condition and we've both been the subject of sanism and a large lack of understanding.

We now tell the story of how my condition has affected my family, my relationships, my work and other aspects of my life through talks with school students, employment forums, the police and other various groups. I have had some amazing feedback and truly positive comments, which only fuels our goal of reaching out to and inspiring others.

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Life As A Rollercoaster by Liz Rotherham

This book will help educate people with regards to Mental Health wellbeing and gives an open and honest account of my life. I have faced some extremely challenging situations but come out the other side. The mind is so powerful and if you learn to master this, your life will become much easier and a happy place to be…

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My Book Launch

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Life As A Rollercoaster was reviewed by a Love Reading critic and the book has been awarded as an 'Indie Book We Love'

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