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I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2003 and experience mainly psychotic manic episodes. Kate has also experienced extremely upsetting times as a result of my condition and we've both been the subject of sanism and a lack of understanding.

Kate & I tell the story of how my condition has affected  family, relationships, work and other aspects of our life through talks with school, colleges, universities, employment forums, the police and other various groups. We have had some amazing feedback and truly positive comments, which only fuels our goal of reaching out to and inspiring others.

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Life As A Rollercoaster by Liz Rotherham

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I just wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for the session that you ran for NCS at Hadleigh park last week!

All of our young people were so impressed by the passion you guys delivered with and found it to be one of the most interesting and engaging workshops that we had all week. The content was so important and again thank you for giving our young people the chance to learn it.

We would love for you to deliver a session for NCS next Summer if possible! It will be great to work together again closer to the time.

Best wishes, Aimee Hanks - 28/11/20

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the course.    It was interesting and useful (Tuesday evening I actually asked an awkward question and uncovered binge eating behaviours in potential client and am supporting her in getting the right sort of help, and it also changes my approach, without asking I wouldn’t have got there.  She also seemed relieved that finally someone knows and didn’t judge her or act like it was a terrible thing). 

I would recommend anyone to take this course, especially if you work with people with weight as they often disclose deep traumas and having the knowledge that it is ok to ask the questions is useful.

'Wow, Liz that was brilliant and really took some courage to speak out, it's fantastic please don't stop now though, you really are going to help so many people by sharing your experiences'

Hi Liz, just wanted to say that was a fab course.  You integrated everyone really well and drew us all out with experiences and knowledge.  It gives very different knowledge from what I teach so was so useful for me!


'I think you are a very inspiring woman. I think it’s amazing to have heard how much you went through and look today at someone as resilient and strong as you.'

Helene Carpentier de Caro

'Very brave to speak out and I hope people in the same situation gain from it. You done well, honey.'

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